Teaneck to Appeal Trial Court Decision Denying Injunction Against Requestor Who Submitted Excessive Requests

According to this article, Teaneck is appealing a trial court ruling that it violated OPRA in seeking to enjoin a requestor who had overwhelmed the township with excessive OPRA requests.

In a previous post on this case, I said that in my view, the trial court erred. The Supreme Court ruled years ago that the courts have the power to grant applications by public bodies to restrain requestors who file excessive, unreasonable public records requests. The Teaneck case, which involved an avalanche of burdensome OPRA requests made for the purpose of harassing township officials, seems to be the exact type of situation the Supreme Court had in mind.

Hopefully, the Appellate Division will issue an opinion in this matter that will confirm that it’s entirely appropriate for public bodies to seek injunctions in cases like this.


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